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Ultimate Hourglass Biker Short - Indigo


Size Guide

We took our popular hourglass enhancing V cut waistband and paired it with an our new seamless front panel for the ultimate anti-camel toe fit!


  • Seamless front panel to prevent camel toe
  • V-shaped booty lifting back seam
  • Squat proof fabric - no see-through moments, here
  • Wide waist band that does not pinch
  • High waisted V cut accentuates your natural hourglass shape
  • Inseam: XS-XL=7”; 1X-3X=7.5” 


ButterSoft Brushed features the same stretchability and thickness as the ButterSoft fabric you love, but we upgraded it by double brushing both sides for an even softer hand-feel.

  • Double brushed on both sides for a super soft, cotton-like, luxurious feel
  • Sweat-wicking 
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 4-way stretch
  • 70% nylon, 30% spandex

    Model Info:

    Samara is wearing size XS
    Height: 5’9” | Bust: 32 | Bra 32C | Waist: 25” | Hips: 36”

    Arlene is wearing 1X
    Height: 5’9” | Bust: 44” | Bra 36DD | Waist: 37 ½” | Hips: 48 ½”

    See it in action:

    Type: Shorts

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Rebecca A.
    Size Bought: L
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5’5”
    Bra Size: 34DD
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 155

    I love the color! The crossover high waist is super flattering, they are compressive without squeezing too tight and not see-through at all. I only wish they had pockets!

    Kristen K.
    Size Bought: M
    Overall Fit: True to Size, Small
    Height: 5’6
    Bra Size: 36B
    Body Type: Athletic
    Weight: 130
    LOVE these

    These are so cute and SOFT! The v cut makes my waist look smaller. I’m between small and medium but sized up to medium!

    Size Bought: L
    Overall Fit: True to Size, Small
    Height: 5'5
    Bra Size: 38D
    Body Type: Athletic
    Weight: 155
    Comfortable and good length

    I generally don't like biker shorts, but this new fabric and fit were surprisingly great! The hourglass leggings from the previous collections had all had waistbands that I found to be too high for my shorter torso, leading them to roll down whenever I moved. But these sat at a nice height! I got a L which has always been my popflex size for bottoms based on previous size charts. I think this collection runs a bit small, because I tend to order M in bottoms to add a little compression and these fit compressive. Beautiful with the matching bra!

    Size Bought: XL
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Body Type: Pear
    SO SOFT!!

    Who doesn't love biker shorts!? These biker shorts are so soft and velvety! I was worried about the sizing since sometimes the fabric may have been sewn in smaller than stated online but these do not disappoint. Absolutely happy I purchased this!

    Size Bought: 1X
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Body Type: Pear

    Gorgeous color, and the fit is perfect.

    Ivy B.
    Size Bought: XS
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5'3"
    Bra Size: 32b
    Body Type: Athletic
    Weight: 110
    Comfortable Soft and Cute Short

    I love the color and the material so much. It's so soft, comfortable, and stretchy. I can wear this for errands all day long. It fits true to size.

    Size Bought: S
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5’0
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 110
    Keeps Getting Better

    I own several popflex shorts but this one is one of favorites. The designs keep getting better! My measurements are 32-27-36 and i got a size S (my usual size).

    Material: incredibly soft and “buttery”. Feels closer to the marble collection. It’s nice and stretchy too.

    Fit: The hourglass cut is flattering and it fits nicely. There isn’t much compression, closer to the fit of Marble than to Tropicana.

    Features: There’s no grip strip on this one but in my experience, it doesn’t ride up. She also got rid of the front seam and it’s amazing! No cameltoe!!! I really hope she continues to make shorts/ leggings with no front seam.