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Sunrise Bra - Cottage Floral


Size Guide

Start off your day just right with the sunrise bra. Supportive, form-fitting, and flattering, this classic bra will be your new go-to. 


  • Wide square neckline
  • Wide straps for extra support
  • Crossback design


ButterSoft Brushed features the same stretchability and thickness as the ButterSoft fabric you love, but we upgraded it by double brushing both sides for an even softer hand-feel.

  • Double brushed on both sides for a super soft, cotton-like, luxurious feel
  • Sweat-wicking 
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 4-way stretch
  • 77% polyester, 23% spandex

Model Info:

Katie is wearing S
Height: 5’6” | Bust: 34 | Bra: 34A | Waist:26” | Hips: 37”

Arlene is wearing 1X
Height: 5’9” | Bust: 44” | Bra 36DD | Waist: 37 ½” | Hips: 48 ½”

See it in action:

Type: Sports Bras

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Samantha J.
Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'2
Bra Size: 34c
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 129
Cute !!

I love this bra. It doesnt move and is so supportive. The design is so cyte in person !

Jen N.
Size Bought: L
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'4''
Bra Size: 34D
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 127
Comfortable and functional!

I love this bra. It offers medium support, and the style is comparable to the Captivate Bra, but the material is definitely more comfortable.

Size Bought: XL
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5’4”
Bra Size: 42D
Body Type: Hourglass
Popflex Has Finally Done It!

This bra works perfectly for me! Finally! The Corset bra came very close to being perfect, but this one is the perfect balance of support and cuteness to support my big chest. I love it and I think this is my new favorite sports bra.

Size Bought: M, L
Overall Fit: Small
Height: 5'6"
Bra Size: 38C
Body Type: Hourglass
Beautiful bra

I think Cassey read my mind about the aesthetic of Cottagecore because it is SO me! I bought this bra as soon as I could! I got a medium, which translated to other Popflex bras I'd bought in the past at a size 6-8, and it fits great, but it's just a bit too small in the bust area, but not enough to worry about any "spillage". I've already purchased the Storybook crop in Large to see how they compare. Can't wait to buy more!

Samantha P.
Comfortable and cute

This is nice basic go to sports bra with a super cute pattern.

Ashly W.
Size Bought: XL
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'-7"
Bra Size: 40B
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 180

I love that this bra has the option of matching skirt or leggings! Fits just right without any pinching or muffintop. The wide straps for extra support are great and it's SO soft but still wicks away moisture. More colors please!!!

Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'7"
Bra Size: 34C
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 130
Love it

This fabric is so incredibly soft. I wore this running the other day and it was compressive enough to hold the girls down. But not so compressive that it was hard to breath.

I love the thickness of the straps and the cross in the back. Definitely would love this in more colors!