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Sweetheart Crop - Indigo


Size Guide

With a hint of a sweetheart neckline and wide straps, this cropped bra top is equal parts sweet and sturdy.


  • Crop top length
  • Slight sweetheart neckline
  • Wide, crossback straps
  • Removable bra cups


ButterSoft Brushed features the same stretchability and thickness as the ButterSoft fabric you love, but we upgraded it by double brushing both sides for an even softer hand-feel.

  • Double brushed on both sides for a super soft, cotton-like, luxurious feel
  • Sweat-wicking 
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 4-way stretch
  • 70% nylon, 30% spandex

      Model Info:

      Samara is wearing size XS
      Height: 5’9” | Bust: 32 | Bra 32C | Waist: 25” | Hips: 36”

      Arlene is wearing 1X
      Height: 5’9” | Bust: 44” | Bra 36DD | Waist: 37 ½” | Hips: 48 ½”

      See it in action:

      Type: Crop

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Size Bought: M
      Overall Fit: True to Size
      Height: 5ft 2.5 inches
      Weight: 121
      Must buy!

      Perfect fitting. No struggle putting on or taking off. Absolutely in love. No cons or complaints about this at all! I do want to point out something though: the indigo color isn't identical to the indigo from the dusty blossom collection. I've attached a picture of it too. The sweetheart crop is on top of the dusty blossom front-zipper bra. Both are still beautiful shades of indigo. I hope they make the sweetheart crop in other designs too! I want more!

      Rebecca A.
      Size Bought: L
      Overall Fit: True to Size
      Height: 5’5”
      Bra Size: 34DD
      Body Type: Hourglass
      Weight: 155
      Not for busty girls

      Unfortunately there is zero support in this top. I would consider sizing down, but it’s so low-cut I would be spilling out of it. That said it’s an adorable crop top and I will definitely wear it out, maybe pair it with the black skort if it ever comes back in stock. But will I ever work out in it? I don’t think so. Cassey I am BEGGING you to make some bra-sized, high support bras for your busty friends!

      Francesca M.
      Size Bought: S
      Overall Fit: True to Size
      Height: 5' 5.5"
      Bra Size: 34B
      Body Type: Athletic
      Weight: 123 lbs
      Beautiful Color, Adorable Style

      My first reaction when opening the package: this color is absolutely gorgeous! The bra itself is great. Soft and comfortable with a cute back. Plus, it's more of a crop top length, which provides more coverage. I think this will also help make my boobs feel more protected (as opposed to some other PopFlex bras which make me feel like my boobs, as tiny as they are, are going to pop out). Super excited to add this to my workout wardrobe!

      Kristen K.
      Size Bought: M
      Overall Fit: True to Size, Small
      Height: 5’6
      Bra Size: 36B
      Body Type: Athletic
      Weight: 130
      Amazing top!

      Super soft and love the cut. I was worried the band would hit across my chest but it didn’t (I’m a B cup, anything bigger, beware). I’m usually between a small and medium and AGONIZED over what size to get but went with a medium. Definitely a good choice!

      Size Bought: XL
      Overall Fit: True to Size
      Height: 5'5
      Bra Size: 38D
      Body Type: Athletic
      Weight: 155
      Surprisingly supportive

      I have been very disappointed by Popflex bras lately - they've been really focused on style rather than fit and functionality, especially for larger chested people such as myself. I was excited to see that this collection had some thicker strapped bras, and this one actually fits pretty well! I do find that the cup area is still small even in the XL, and I'm wary of sizing up to the 1X because then the waistband is often too large. But the XL fit me quite well, enough that I think I will keep it. Bonus that the color matches some of the OG popflex stuff!

      Size Bought: XL
      Overall Fit: True to Size
      Body Type: Full Bust
      Love this bra!

      Ive been aiming for sport bras that are a longer and these are so cute and what I was looking for! Looks so great with the matching shorts. High recommend!!

      Anna M.
      Size Bought: S
      Overall Fit: True to Size
      Height: 5' 10"
      Bra Size: 32D
      Body Type: Hourglass
      Weight: 155

      I absolutely love this crop top! It's incredibly comfortable and cute, and I LOVE the color - it's so beautiful. Very excited for this darker color in the collection, I will be wearing this constantly!