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Twirl Skort - Cottage Floral



Size Guide

Twirl away in our first-ever skort style, perfect for running, running errands, tennis or just looking cute! The beautifully cut circle skirt features a high waistband and booty shorts underneath with pockets. Shorts peek from under for a playful vibe!


  • High-waisted
  • Circle skirt
  • Pocket on back waistband to hold quick essentials like keys
  • Pockets on both sides of inner booty shorts
  • Inner Short Inseam: XS-XL=2.5”; 1X-3X=4” 


    ButterSoft Brushed features the same stretchability and thickness as the ButterSoft fabric you love, but we upgraded it by double brushing both sides for an even softer hand-feel.

    • Double brushed on both sides for a super soft, cotton-like, luxurious feel
    • Sweat-wicking 
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • 4-way stretch
    • 77% polyester, 23% spandex

    Model Info:

    Katie is wearing S
    Height: 5’6” | Bust: 34 | Bra: 34A | Waist:26” | Hips: 37”

    Type: Skirt

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Samantha J.
    Size Bought: M
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5'2
    Bra Size: 34c
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 129
    Favorite !!

    It is soooo comfortable, flowey and cute ! This is my favorite piece i have ever purchased from popflex !

    Jen N.
    Size Bought: M
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5'4''
    Bra Size: 34D
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 127
    Cute but short

    I love this skort. The pattern is super cute and it's so comfortable. My only complaint is it's really short. It feels almost too skimpy for me to wear out in public. I would love to see Cassey bring these back with a longer length option that hits mid thigh.

    Rebecca A.
    Size Bought: L
    Overall Fit: Large
    Height: 5’5”
    Bra Size: 34DD
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 155
    Comfy and cute!

    The fabric is super soft and comfortable. It felt like it runs a little big. I probably could have sized down to a medium, but I like having the extra length because this is a MINI mini skirt! Please restock the black!

    Morgan M.
    Size Bought: M
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5’9
    Bra Size: 36A
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 145

    I absolutely LOVE it!! It goes SO well with the corset bra! I have definitely found my new favorite workout outfit!!

    Amanda B.
    Size Bought: XS
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5’8
    Bra Size: 32B
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 125
    Cute and functional!

    So super cute! I love the feel of the fabric, the look and of course the pockets! Great design. It fits me well, if you have a bit of a belly or booty I would recommend a size up. If your a bean pile like myself the xs fits perfect.

    Size Bought: L
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5’8
    Bra Size: 34B
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 150
    New Love

    Nice and high waist, deep pockets, comfy fit. Definitely a booty skort! But I look forward to pairing with tights come fall.

    Kaela P.
    Size Bought: S
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 5’3
    Bra Size: 34A
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 115
    Comfy & cute at the same time

    The shorts underneath the bouncy skirt are insanely comfortable. The high quality of this skort is thoughtful, soft, and well put together. I bought it in blue because it’s my favorite color.