Happy Birthday Gif Collections Funny and Cool Gifs for Birthday

Sending Happy Birthday Gifs are the best Way to Make the Birthday dude happy, We can Send some Cute Gif for Someone is So Special to us. meanwhile, we can send some funny gif to make some fun with them. here I have collected plenty of animated gif from Cute Disney character to funny Cat and Dog Gifs. Also, There are many Witty Gifs Available here. Choose these Gifs and Make Your Birthday buddy Happy.

Happy Birthday gif Collections and Wishes

  • ❤You squeeze every drop of life out of every moment and I admire you for that. Happy Birthday and may you have many more days to squeeze.

  • ❤You forever make me smile! Now it’s my turn to give you something to smile about on your special day. Happy birthday.

  • ❤A friend is someone that knows your age and still says that you look really young! Happy Birthday.

  • ❤BFF, you have a very special place in my heart. Because it’s your special day, I only have heartfelt birthday wishes for you. Have a truly wonderful birthday.

  • ❤Life may be full of ups and downs, but your age only knows how to go up. And up.

funny birthday gifs

  • ❤Happy birthday! You know everything about me but you still think I’m special. I know everything about you and I think you’re even more special with every birthday of yours.

  • ❤Although I really want to wish you a happy birthday in the most sincere way, I do not intend to tattoo it on my body.

  • ❤May all your birthday wishes come to life — as soon as you blow out every candle on your birthday cake.

  • ❤Make sure to wear clean clothes today. People tend to pay more attention to you on your birthday.

  • ❤If anyone deserves to experience joy, peace and wonder to the fullest, it’s you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday gif Cool Collection


  • ❤Your creativity leads you in many directions even as your age seems to be headed always in the same direction.

  • ❤Every day may be the first day of the rest of your life, but your birthday was your very first. Celebrate it as if there were no tomorrows. Happy birthday.

  • ❤You are already living the bright future that awaits you. Happy birthday.

  • ❤Friends don’t let friends celebrate their birthdays by themselves. Let’s get your party started. Happy birthday, BFF!

  • ❤You can keep your head down and avoid notice on your birthday or you can shout it out with celebration.

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